Here's what some of our happy clients have to say about us...

Medifit designed and constructed our first dental surgery and were very professional and responsive. Thank you to the whole team in design and project management. A Special mention to Marton who always went the extra mile to take care of us over the two year journey from site inspection to handover. I would highly recommend Medifit to aspiring practice owners.
Fantastic experience. The Medifit team went above and beyond my expectations. They made the whole process very interesting experience. The design was unique, the site management was top quality, they actually finished before the expected deadline. I can’t be more satisfied with the final outcome of Hillarys Plaza Medical Centre- Cleo Aesthetics. A big thank you to the wonderful team that I strongly recommend to everyone who wants best value for money.
Today I met Steven and Marton to sign off and collect the keys to my new medical consulting rooms! It was an epic day for me both personally and professionally. My whole professional life I have dreamed of this day. To have an office that I have been able to design from scratch (with lots of help of course) has always been an aspiration. Lia… hats off to you. Your kind and easy manner allowed us to create the most beautiful and serene space for me and for my lovely patients. I can’t wait until you see the professional photos. You should be so proud. Gerry and Mark Thank you for working tirelessly behind the scenes and helping to manage the unexpected hurdles and the COVID delays and complications. Marton, thank you for looking after Mike and I and getting the project off the ground. Sam Thank you for choosing the best team to look after us and holding my hand when the DEXUS certifier caused us delays. Steven, what an amazing site manager!!! No question I asked was too silly, no task was too much trouble and all done with a lovely smile! Thank you Steve! Well done to the whole team. You guys have changed my life. I hope you will look on the photos fondly and be proud of the role that you played.
Dr Rachael Hickinbotham
I have been very happy with the experience of working with Medifit and their help to create our dream practice. Whilst it is early days, we have had a significant number of new patients generated as a result of the external appearance alone. We had a family photographer contracted to do the artwork for the waiting room and surgery which has complemented the already impressive interior since the artwork was of our family at the beach at Sandgate. We were very happy with the service and attention to detail from Sophie, the interior designer at Medifit and whilst they are located on the opposite side of the country, it has not affected the overall result and quality of the finished product.
Dr Steven Smith
After chatting with Sam Koranis from Medifit, I felt they offered the most honest and upfront ideas regarding planning the new practice and the fees they proposed for construction. I was very impressed on the speed of delivery of the final floorplan and they then created 3D computer models to help us visualise the finished design. These were again completed very quickly, delivering the perfect solution in an expedient manner. Uncannily, the final outcome is very accurate in comparison to those initial 3D images. Medifit did an excellent job and we couldn’t be happier. The turnaround time was extremely fast considering the amount of demolition work required before the fit-out could even commence. Medifit were a pleasure to deal with at every level and have provided an excellent end result in minimal time and right on budget. We recommend them highly and commend them on their honest and straightforward approach.
Dr Russell Fine
The results speak for themselves. The level of finishes is excellent. The floorplan works extremely well and visual design is without peer. The design elements in the shapes, colours, textures and lighting are simply stunning. The project ran for 16 weeks. The building supervisor had timelines for each trade and the whole process unfolded without fuss, with each trade appearing on the assigned day, which led to the project being delivered on time. I don’t expect that there is another company that can design and deliver a project on time and on budget the way Medifit does. The attention paid to our needs and desires was beyond reproach and I feel that their approach to their customers align with our own. It’s funny, but after working with Medifit again on this project, the relationship we have developed is such that our involvement now extends to strategic planning. I have discussed with their managing director, Sam Koranis, how our business will develop over the midterm and there are a number of conceptual projects under consideration that I’ve already discussed, including a couple of projects built from the ground up. Medifit has also made a commitment to our charitable foundation, Highway to Health. We both have a desire to give back to the broader West Australian community, and see Highway to Health as a fantastic vehicle to do this, by increasing access to dental and medical services to those West Australians who are unable to do so, whether by geography, ethnicity or cost.
We finished work on Friday and Medifit commenced the planned demolition, etc, on the following Monday. They arrived like the perfect storm and within hours I could not recognize the interior of my surgery anymore. The site managers were very professional, obliging and understanding in working through any small issues which arose. They were careful and meticulous in organizing the trades to ensure that everything happened like clockwork as we were on a highly condensed schedule. As with all renovation projects it is stressful, not knowing if you have addressed all the possible design and practicality issues. Medifit were very patient in working through multiple designs based on our requirements and budget. The experience of Medifit’s management and their tradesmen during the construction and fitout meant that anything that I did not consider or forgot, they had already factored into the equation. They were very professional, organised, efficient and very accommodating when minor changes were required. This greatly reduced the stress level. To be able to operate and treat patients as scheduled after closure of exactly 6 weeks was nothing short of a miracle performed by Medifit.
We chose Medifit based on some excellent comments from our colleagues. They said. ‘Their efficiency and responsiveness certainly left us with a good impression.’ The end result is a stylish, contemporary dental surgery that me, my staff and patients an inspired operating environment in which to grow and prosper. The final outcome is a testament to the skills of the designers, project managers and staff at Medifit. Being able to discuss the building process and having site managers who would give a run down every step of the way certainly helped us to understand the quality of workmanship put in by the Medifit team in Melbourne and gave us a level of comfort that all was going to plan. Moreover, the Medifit team certainly delivered in terms of meeting the deadlines set with quality and professionalism. Our staff and patients really enjoy our new environment and we look forward to offering quality dental care. We cannot be impressed enough.
Dr Kai Xu and Dr Kang In Lee
We first heard about Medifit through other dentists who’d used and recommended them. We did our homework on them by visiting many practices and assessing style, finishes and function. We also discussed the experience of working with both Medifit and other contractors. Medifit’s managing director, Sam Koranis, also made a number of special visits to Adelaide to address the partners so that any concerns and issues could be discussed. We were very confident after performing our research that Medifit could achieve the completed project quickly and to a high standard.
Dr Peter Craven
When the time came to update my practice, Medifit were engaged to complete the design and fitout. I wanted the design to accommodate the latest in connectivity to ensure that relevant systems within the practice were integrated efficiently. Medifit’s designers were able to effectively plan the new practice with this functionality as a priority. The fitout of the new surgery was completed in a tight timeframe - just 8 weeks from gaining access to the site to handover - despite the high level of finishes and the demanding technology specifications.
Dr Robert Oblak
Medifit deliver excellent value for money. The experience they bring to the project meant there was nothing left out and we had no issues whatsoever on the final inspection. Sam, Mark and Francis from Medifit were available throughout the project and I knew it was in good hands. The practice was completed on time and on budget and I’m very happy with the result.
Choosing Medifit was a simple choice. Sam and his team did a great job. A lot of credit also needs to go to Medifit’s National Projects Manager. We found working with someone so dedicated, enthusiastic and creative highly rewarding. He was the driving force in the design and execution of the fitout. We also wish to thank the designated Medifit designer on the project for her great ideas and her assistance during the process. It was amazing to witness how Medifit merged the old with the new to create a practice that seamlessly fuses the two worlds together. Finally, the team at Medifit’s relentless pursuit of excellence inclusive of their cost control, speed, quality, efficiency and overall service proved to be second to none. We thus have no hesitation in recommending Medifit to anyone that is contemplating any design and construction project.
From my first point of contact with them, I was blown away by their amazing, prompt and effective customer service and interest in my vision. Sam Koranis introduced himself to me and getting his input made me feel comfortable and his knowledge of the industry won my trust at a very early stage. Sam helped me scout for premises to ensure that I have the perfect building with characteristics that I didn’t even know that I should be looking for in a potential site. He handled all the negotiations on my behalf and seeing how professional and knowledgeable he was on the legal side of setting up a practice took so much stress off my shoulders. Amazingly, all of this was undertaken without having even met Sam personally! Sam introduced me to his team of ‘magicians’ and I couldn’t believe how creative and knowledgeable they all were. You sometimes meet people that know what they’re talking about but for the love of their life can’t materialise anything, but seeing how he and his team operated has been an amazing journey. They continually push the boundaries without losing sight of reality, what works and what doesn’t. Throughout the process I’ve always felt like they’ve had my best interest at heart and kept me in the loop of how the project was progressing. Medifit takes pride in what they do and also how they do it. I am very excited about what they’ve achieved and it’s great to see that they’ve shared my excitement throughout the whole process. I recommend Medifit to everyone considering building a practice, starting a practice or extending what they already have.
Medifit has made my vision a reality. From the first day I went to see them, I felt completely confident. Their understanding of dental design and construction was exceptional. I was able to concentrate on my dentistry while they took care of the entire project. I highly recommend them to any dentist who requires a professional fit-out from beginning to end.
Although only 78 square metres, the practice feels spacious, due to the high ceilings and Medifit was able to make the space appear larger than it is. Medifit’s experience in the dental fitout space meant that they were able to liaise directly with the developer and suppliers for the best outcomes in terms of the tenancy arrangements and equipment supply. Their proven processes and construction methodologies ensured that the complete fitout took just nine weeks and was delivered on schedule, allowing me to open for business as planned. They were very efficient.
I am extremely happy with my experience with Medifit. Their knowledge and experience with dental fitouts and their flexibility and ability to adapt their solutions to my requests made the whole experience enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure working with them.
Medifit provided a comprehensive service in establishing my orthodontic clinic from scratch. They assisted from day one with locating and assessing the suitability of the premises, even helping to negotiate the lease. They dealt with all necessary permits and regulations, which allowed the whole process to run very smoothly. Medifit were extremely thorough in the design process, providing numerous options for layout, design, features. Their attention to detail is brilliant. The fit-out went extremely smoothly, with Medifit’s production team even coming after hours and on weekends so as not to interfere with the operation of neighbouring businesses. Overall, Medifit got on and did what they do best - design and build a brilliant practice with almost no supervision from me. This allowed me to get on with my work and not have to worry about a thing regarding the fitout.
Medifit took away the stress of setting up a practice by simplifying the process and taking care of the government red tape. They also provided the industry connections to make everything else easier as well. Medifit was able to deliver everything hassle free and on time.
"After seeing Medifit’s designs in Australasian Dental Practice magazine, we contacted Sam Koranis and looked no further. Their offer was comprehensive and covered all the criteria we were looking for. Once we started construction Medifit’s team were on the ball, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Their NSW Project Manager, Geoff Mills, was fantastic to deal with and always the consummate professional. Things always flowed smoothly and he was readily available to answer any questions. The project finished on time and on budget and the quality was of the highest standard. We are extremely happy with the end result and we love coming to work in such a beautiful environment. We wish to thank all our staff for their support and loyalty over the years and the Medifit team for helping us realise our true potential and for delivering a project we had only previously dreamed of. The feedback we are getting from all our patients has been wonderful and we can now see it was all worth it.”
“My new practice is everything that I have planned and dreamed of and I just love it! It was amazing to go through the whole design process and come to the realisation that I would be pickier and more demanding in designing a dental surgery than I would ever be designing my own home. The dental surgery is such a reflection of the practitioner and our little quirks and peculiar traits are stamped into the design of our dental home. I spend more waking hours at my dental surgery and wanted somewhere that I could be comfortable. I cannot say enough about the designers. My previous surgery had a lot of walls, which did not utilise the space that we had very efficiently. The Medifit designers had the ability and vision to see what could be achieved by opening up the rooms and cleverly managed to put all the surgeries and support rooms into the space we had. Some key points that they managed to incorporate were the separation of the reception from the actual waiting areas, the refresh area for patients, a consultation room, the light and airy feel of the practice with free flowing areas and the efficient and ergonomic use of space. Medifit has managed the whole process from design, to development approval and construct and I am extremely happy that it was all done under the one roof. I had heard many stories of my colleagues having troubles with the project managers not being able to manage the trades or cooperate with the architects. Sam Koranis, the Managing Director of Medifit, promised a lot at the initial stages and I can say that they passed the test with flying colours. I had a dream run and the only difficulty that was encountered was when we uncovered the ceiling and there were structural problems that the external consultant structural engineer had not planned for. The problem was fixed with a minimum of fuss with the only drawback being a delay in the finish date. Yes, I was disappointed with the delay and was told it could happen but the good thing was it was done right and even better, at no extra cost!”
Medifit exceeded our high expectations. Everything was done professionally and on time. I only wish I had found Medifit previously for my other rooms in the past. To say they were sensational is an understatement. I hardly ever give a positive review as my standards are so high - BUT MEDIFIT should get 10 stars, not just five. I have never dealt with a dental business that has been better than Medifit. Thanks to Megan, Kent, Michael and Rob for providing us with great orthodontic rooms and done with a minimum of fuss and issues - and on time and on budget. You are fantastic.
The new practice has been a great success with great feedback from patients and a continually expanding patient base. Sam and all the Medifit team were very easy to deal with and attentive to all the important details, of which I would have no idea of. Medifit met all the wishes I had for the new premises, and should I be game to build another one in the future I would use Medifit without question.
I was delighted when Medifit met the deadline, which would have been tight even under normal circumstances. My decision to turn to Medifit when I did turned out to be a very wise one. I am very happy with they way it all came together on time, the design, the colours and the overall feel. Medifit did an excellent job. If you are undertaking such a project, I highly recommend you contact Medifit. I am confident they will deliver a practice that you will be proud of.
The team from Medifit were able to work in with all the equipment suppliers to ensure that everything went smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team from Medifit. They delivered the project on time, with a minimum of fuss and the quality of the finished product is sensational. In the end, we have a brand new practice that the whole team is proud to show off to our patients. Our patients love it and are now sending more and more of their friends to see us. Thank you everyone!
I have used Medifit to fit out two practices over the last 2 years, a general practice and a cosmetic practice. Medifit's team have always been extremely professional in delivering a custom, tailored approach and their design team helped me turn my vision into reality. Their end-product is extremely high quality and every patient that walks in the door notices it. With their design of my practice, Core Medical, Medifit won the 2017/2018 ASOFIA National Interior Fitout Award for best medical fitout. I can't recommend Sam Koranis and his team highly enough as a one stop shop from design through to fitout and construction.
What can we say, they were knowledgeable, organized, upfront, honest and an excellent quality builder and we would certainly use them again should we ever grow and you are not ignored after accounts are settled. From lease negotiation, logo design, planning and fitout there is not much we can find fault in their services and would strongly recommend making them a trusted choice if you want a quality surgery which conforms to the many governing body requirements.
I had a great experience with Medifit 3 years ago. They are highly professional, helpful and easy to deal with. Our practice here is very often complemented for the quality of the fitout and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Sam and the Medifit team for the construction and fitout of my new practice. The whole experience was an absolute pleasure as Sam makes you part of the team to build your dream practice. The affability and availability of each member of the Medifit team stood out to me. That was on top of the expert and quality work that they have delivered. My practice and fitout is stunning to say the least; all thanks to Medifit. If you are in the medical profession and you are considering building or expanding your practice I cannot recommend Medifit enough!
It was a pleasure getting to know the Medifit team. They understood, what and how I wanted the Medical Practice to look like. They knew the accreditation standards that was required to comply by the legal bodies..were knowledgeable and professional ,. I would highly recommend Sam Koranis and his team, they were excellent from design work to construction stage, I could call them anytime to clear my doubts and discuss plans. The Finished Medical Practice shines with quality.. Will use them again
Dr Yogita Arwal
Have just gone through an extensive, complex and highly challenging dental fitout in a beautiful heritage building in Perth CBD with the Medifit team. The whole process, from my first conversation with Sam, to my dealings with the builder Rob at the end were beyond all expectations. All of the team have been supportive, guiding, helpful and caring. The end result is amazing. I cannot recommend this company enough. If and when I build another practice I would not bother looking elsewhere. Medifit are the real deal. All services under one umbrella. All accountability under one umbrella. I am happy for any potential clients to contact me or arrange a visit to my premises to see at face value the quality of their work. Thanks guys