AI can help your business get noticed online

Insights from Sam Shetty - eWeb Marketing

You’ve probably noticed that artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now.

Many health professionals wonder if AI will help or hurt their chances of getting noticed online. Fair question! We’re confident your business can leverage the power of AI to connect with distracted consumers who search online for offerings like yours but lack the time to browse properly.

What do experts say?

Sam Shetty, CEO of E-Web Marketing, encourages businesses to tweak their current search strategy to take advantage of new AI integrations, before your competitors catch on.

“Google recently added artificial intelligence to its search engine, streamlining the way people engage with online information,”

Mr Shetty said.

“You now have the opportunity to attract visitors who want to put minimal effort into finding useful information, which is probably most busy people these days!.”

Google’s new AI creation – what is it?

When searching online, people will be able to see all the information they need with a quick glance at the search results – without clicking on the actual website. Search Generative Experience (SGE) lets users immediately find expanded answers to their queries in search previews. This content is relevant to their query, and more comprehensive than what we usually see in search results – saving people time and effort.

What happens when businesses fail to adapt to AI developments for search engines?

“Your website could be overlooked by consumers who flock to your competitors for more digestible and accessible content,” Mr Shetty said.

Note: SGE technology could have a broad application for general health-related queries, but won’t apply to medical questions and other sensitive topics.

It’s early days, but here are a few expectations around SGE:

  • Long-tail, conversational keywords better reflect user behaviour
  • Diverse content will be prioritised (images, videos, reviews etc.)
  • Relevant content topics will attract more views, even if search volume is low
  • Structured data plays a key role in supporting content visibility
  • Content citations matter
  • Data monitoring is vital as search engines keep evolving

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