Putting a price on quality.

Being a market leader comes with unique challenges and obligations. Over the years Medifit has been plagued by a common belief in our marketplace, typically made by individuals who have never utilised our services.

“Medifit make a great product, BUT…they are expensive, aren’t they?”

Let’s break this down.

With a large and growing list of repeat customers (some on their fourth and fifth practices with Medifit), a trophy cabinet full of national awards including ASOFIA Medical Fitout of the Year and the respect of major industry financiers and equipment suppliers, there is no doubt that Medifit delivers a superior product.

But is Medifit really that expensive?

The honest feedback we receive from clients, time and time again, is that we are actually very competitive for the level of service, finishes and expertise that you receive. Establishing a healthcare practice is a significant investment in your future. The challenge for prospective clients deciding between proposals from various suppliers is that one offer may appear to be significantly less expensive up front and seemingly providing the same outcome. Why spend more for the same product from two different suppliers?

As we know, the devil is always in the detail.

Have you ever heard someone say,

‘the amount of variations during the project was astounding and unexpected’?

Rest assured, they were not a Medifit client.

At Medifit, we have always believed that being honest and transparent with prospective clients about the true cost of their projects up front is in the better interest of all parties. Yes, this does mean we will lose some projects, however we continue to and will always maintain this client centred practice.

With over 19 years working alongside healthcare practitioners, and having completed more than 600 projects, our biggest compliment comes when past clients return, and in some cases, multiple times and we are constantly being referred to their fellow industry peers.

We have all heard the famous quote,

“the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” - Unknown

But of greater impact to the consumer...

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett