Ground Up Projects

The literal blank canvas, a greenfield site gives you the opportunity to create the perfect building for your practice unhindered by any existing structure.

Medifit have designed and built specialist medical, dental and day hospital practices from the ground up throughout Australia. Architecturally designed and built for purpose, a Medifit practice gives you the ultimate platform for success in your healthcare career. 

“If you build it, they will come…”

So says the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson in the classic Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams. In the movie, Kevin Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella risks everything to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield in Iowa. Facing uncertainty and ridicule, Ray pushes on, builds his diamond and “they” did indeed come, saving Ray’s farm and setting him the path to prosperity with an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Establishing a new practice is a significant undertaking and this is especially true when building a new practice from the ground up. Taking a figurative “Field of Dreams” and turning it into a successful practice is not without its risks, but if it is executed properly, the rewards can be great.

Since 2002, Medifit has helped healthcare specialists create their dream practices from the ground up all over Australia. Transforming a greenfield site or a knock down rebuild into a contemporary practice has several key advantages over refurbing or renovating. First and foremost, a ground up practice means you are starting from a literal blank canvas. Your building can be designed specifically for the purpose it is intended without compromise. Secondly, you are able to take advantage of state of the art building design techniques and materials, making things like energy efficiency intrinsically part of the building design rather than an add on or afterthought.

There is also something tangible about creating a new structure and having it designed exactly to your personal tastes and vision. Whether it is your first or your last practice, building from the ground up gives you the opportunity to leave your own personal legacy to the profession.