Dental and Medical Construction

Medical construction is a complex industry that requires an in-depth understanding of the industry regulations and standards as well as the unique requirements medical facilities demand. Effective co-ordination of dental and medical construction requires significant expertise. Our state based Project Managers have been efficiently coordinating healthcare construction projects since the company’s inception in 2002.


Our medical construction team possess the expertise to build any type of facility, regardless of its function or complexity. Whether that be a greenfield site, a shopping centre tenancy or anything in between, we have the dental and medical construction experience to deliver the results you need, in the time frame you require.

We understand the disciplines involved in the healthcare industry and what effects this has on medical and healthcare design and construction projects. Not only will our design capture the personality of your clinic and reflect your vision, but our medical construction will facilitate greater productivity and efficiency.

We use only the latest medical construction technology and equipment to ensure we're able to produce the facility of your dreams within the agreed timeframe. Our CNC based manufacturing facility gives us the ability to transform our designs from the computer screen to build forms quickly and accurately. This reduces down time and guarantees that the final result meets or exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our medical, dental and healthcare construction services. Call the Medifit team on 1300 728 133 with any questions or queries you may have.