Medifit Design & Construct are the Dental Fitout Specialists

Why Choose Medifit?

In 2002, Medifit were pioneers in the health care space. The founding directors saw the opportunity for a full service practice design and construction offer from a single national provider.

Market research at the time identified that there were massive inefficiencies in the way practices were being designed and built. Time poor health care stakeholders were being shunted from office to office as they navigated the process of establishing their new practices.

As each new provider was introduced into the process, practitioners were exposed to additional risk as providers assumed responsibility for just their portion of the project whole. Unfortunate practice developers often found themselves tied up in costly "blame games" and finger pointing. Low initial estimates were being blown out with contract variations as unscrupulous or simply less experienced vendors came to terms with the real costs of delivering health care practices and these costs were passed on to unsuspecting customers.

The market was awash with dissatisfied clients, many of whom had chosen to "grin and bear it" and were operating in practices that were not as productive as they should have been.


Introducing Medifit

Medifit was founded on our guiding principles of honesty, transparency and a commitment to mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients. Our business model was built around what health care providers wanted and needed from a full service provider.

Medifit introduced our comprehensive, full service offer in 2002. Along with the benefits of dealing with one office for the entire design, build and fitout process, we introduced fixed price contracts to give clients peace of mind and enable them to plan their finances accurately. By operating exclusively in the health care sector, we have been able to build a volume of specific knowledge to draw on which helps us to accurately estimate project costs up front.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

We believe that health care practitioners deserve to operate in practices that are both functional and reflective of their individual personal tastes. It is often difficult to make an "apples for apples" comparison when dealing with a design and construction solution but we can state unequivocally that

Medifit offers cost competitive pricing on what we believe is the best available health care design and construction solution in Australia.

Our processes are fully transparent and we stand behind each and every practice we create. As testament to this, several clients have come back to Medifit to design and fit out their second and third practices.