Design Concepts


With a completed design brief, we will now be able to translate the information into design concepts that address each element of the brief in a manner congruent with your vision.

Our designers will also accommodate any compliance requirements and incorporate these into the design solution. Compliance requirements related to parking bays, infection control, disabled access, accreditation, plumbing, electrical, radiation shielding and a range of other statutory obligations are all considered in our comprehensive design offer.

Working the way you do

Operational efficiency (the function in form follows function) is paramount in your treatment areas and the way you work will influence how your treatment rooms are planned. Specialist equipment and working space requirements are all factors your designer will take into account when planning your treatment rooms. Perhaps you like to take notes or need to access a computer while treating a patient - our designers can allow for this and design your treatment areas accordingly.

We will create a floorplan showing the location and dimensions of all relevant equipment, doors, windows and provide you with an overview of the operational flow of the new practice. On the floorplan, you will be able to see clearly the different sections for patients and staff and you can see the interaction of the various spaces.

Once the floorplan has been finalised, any necessary council approvals applications are submitted.

3D Visualisation

To assist in the design process, Medfifit can create 3d images of your new space utilising your selected colours, textures and lighting. These images will show you how the elements come together as a cohesive whole and can help you to better understand the design concept prior to construction.

Here is a small sample of our 3d work.