2022 marks 20 years in business for Medifit.

Growing a business from the kernel of an idea in 2002 to an established industry leader takes a lot of hard work and dedication both to our clients and the industry in which we operate.

We believe in the wisdom of the ancient Chinese proverb which states, “the journey is the reward”.

As Medifit’s journey heads into it’s third decade, the team of dedicated staff, industry connections, suppliers, trades and the countless clients we now call friends has been a reward greater than we could have imagined.

Being in a position to help health care professionals realise their dream practices is a privilege.

For most of our clients, setting up their own practice is a defining moment in their career. It is a leap of faith, and we respect the trust that they put in us.

From day one, we have been committed to operate with honesty and integrity and never compromise on quality. This simple mantra has been the foundation of our success.

We have come a long way as a company and hope you enjoy our story.

Where it all began.

In 2002, whilst researching applications for solid surfaces in the healthcare sector, Founding Director Sam Koranis discovered that at the time, there was nobody in Australia offering a comprehensive Australia wide practice design & construction service.

Establishing a practice typically meant that a busy doctor or dentist would contact an architect or interior designer and work through the design process. Once design was completed, a host of suppliers and generalist construction subcontractors would be engaged to complete the building and interior fitout.

Unaware of the specialist requirements of health care disciplines, mistakes were often made and stories of costly retrofitting and remediation were common. Unlucky health care practitioners found themselves caught up in a “blame game” with third party contractors refusing to take responsibility for errors and omissions.

Medifit was established to change this paradigm.

By offering a complete design and construction solution, Medifit was able to maximise efficiencies and deliver a superior result, whilst reducing the mental load for our clients.

Founding Director John Gullotto had a long and established history of award winning cabinetry and interior fitout services based primarily in the retail sector. A certified fabricator for all major solid surface materials, John was a natural fit as Construction Director.

"Over the years, we had fielded enquiries from the health care sector and had seen first hand the gaps in the services provided. Successful health care fitout requires a combination of specialist design and construction working in tandem, and this is where the idea for Medifit was formed."

The third Founding Director, Geoff Raphael bought acclaimed interior design skills to Medifit and completed the service offer. With a family history in Dentistry, Geoff had valuable insights into how dental surgeries operated and the design intelligence to create solutions that delivered functionally and aesthetically.

“Good design is far more than making things look aesthetically pleasing. From day one, we aimed to deliver solutions that not only looked great but also improved the day to day productivity of every practice we design. ”


From inception, Medifit embraced the concept of building local and employed state based Project Managers to manage practice construction and fitout in their respective states, with quality standards and procedures handed down from head office.

This approach resulted in an agility that has stood the test of time. Being Perth based has provided a surprising benefit. Practitioners busy caring for patients in the Eastern States are able to take advantage of the time differences and contact the Medifit team at the end of their working day via phone call or video conferencing. The model has been so successful that relationships with the original state project managers endure to this day.

Over the years, Medifit has built an enviable reputation among suppliers, trades and the dental community as a premier provider of high quality practices. The loyalty we have shown to our staff, trades and customers around the country is reciprocated and has resulted in steady growth since our inception.


Award Winning Design and Construction


Since 2018, Medifit has entered select projects into various industry awards programmes including The Australian Shop and Office Fitout Industry Association (ASOFIA) Awards and the Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards.

These award programmes are judged by industry peers and are fiercely contested in the design and construction industry.

Our work has been recognised with several awards over this period including:


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