WINNER: 2023 WA Master Builders WA - Excellence in Construction Awards - Best Building Fitout up to $1.5m

In the bustling suburb of Stirling, Western Australia, a dental practice has recently opened that exemplifies luxury and efficiency. Stirling Smiles Dental, designed and built by Medifit Design & Construct, is a modern, architecturally inspired oasis for both patients and staff.

This is the second project that Medifit has completed for practice owner, Dr Quincy Leung, and it's evident that their partnership has resulted in an incredible space that pushes the boundaries of dental practice design. The design and construction of Quincy’s first practice in Perth was such a positive experience that he had no hesitation approaching Medifit again to establish Stirling Smiles Dental.

Quincy and his business partners Dr Anne Lee and Dr Amy Lee, met with Medifit Managing Director Sam Koranis and his experience and knowledge of the dental space assured them that they had made the correct decision.

The three dentists, all seasoned dental practitioners with a keen eye for design, desired a space that would not only provide patients with an unparalleled dental experience but also create a sense of serenity and relaxation. With this in mind, the team at Medifit Design & Construct set out to create an environment that would perfectly blend form and function, resulting in a visually stunning dental practice that also delivers top-notch dental care.

Stirling Smiles Dental exudes a modern, architecturally inspired aesthetic that incorporates French washed paint textures and parquetry throughout the interior. This choice of materials brings an air of sophistication and luxury to the space, inviting patients into a world where dental care is not only a necessity but a pleasure. The harmonious blend of textures creates a visual feast for the eyes, and the attention to detail is evident in every corner of the practice.

Upon entering Stirling Smiles Dental, patients are greeted by a welcoming reception desk with clean lines and an understated elegance that sets the tone for the rest of the practice. The waiting area features comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and a curated selection of reading materials, ensuring patients feel at ease while they wait for their appointments. A curved curtain wall and circular floor features help soften the space, whilst curved bulkheads and arches provide an architectural focus.

The walls are textured with a light grey marble wash that complements the overall design aesthetic, while large windows allow natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The use of plants and greenery throughout the waiting area further enhances the sense of serenity and calm, providing patients with a much-needed respite from their busy lives.

The three treatment rooms at Stirling Smiles Dental have been thoughtfully designed to maximize patient comfort and ensure the highest level of care.

Each suite features state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology, with bespoke joinery and ergonomic dental chairs that allow practitioners to work efficiently and effectively. The light grey walls extend into the dental suites, providing a sense of continuity and cohesion throughout the practice. Large windows in each suite allow for natural light and views of the outside, helping to reduce patient anxiety and create a more soothing environment. The sterilization and storage areas have been designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring that all necessary supplies and equipment are readily accessible for dental practitioners.

This attention to detail not only benefits the staff but also contributes to a seamless and efficient patient experience. Stirling Smiles Dental's design also incorporates environmentally conscious features that reduce the practice's ecological footprint. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used throughout the practice, and the incorporation of natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. Stirling Smiles Dental is a testament to the power of innovative design in transforming the dental care experience.

By prioritizing patient comfort and staff functionality, Medifit Design & Construct, in partnership with Quincy Leung, has created a truly exceptional space that raises the bar for dental practice design. The combination of modern architectural elements, luxurious textures, and environmentally conscious features demonstrates the team's commitment to delivering a dental practice that not only meets the needs of its patients and staff but also makes a positive impact on the environment.

Stirling Smiles Dental serves as a shining example of how design can play a crucial role in enhancing the overall dental experience. By crafting an inviting and relaxing environment, patients are more likely to feel at ease during their appointments, which in turn can lead to better oral health outcomes.

In summary, Stirling Smiles Dental is a remarkable showcase of what can be achieved when design and function come together to create a space that pushes the boundaries of conventional dental practice design. It stands as a testament to the vision of Quincy Leung and the expertise of Medifit Design & Construct, who have together crafted a dental practice that sets a new standard in dental care and the overall patient experience. Quincy is delighted with the new practice

“As always, Medifit completed the project to an extremely high standard and exceeded expectations. They completed the project on time and on budget. Our sincere thanks go out to the entire Medifit team”.

Medifit’s Sam Koranis adds

“We were delighted to have been chosen again by Quincy, Anne and Amy for the design and fitout of their new practice. Helping successful dentists realise their practice dreams is a privilege that we do not take for granted. Quincy has now become one of 50 plus clients that have utilised the services of Medifit between 2 – 8 times. I would like to personally thank Quincy, Anne and Amy for their trust and confidence in Medifit to deliver another worthy practice. We wish them all the best for Stirling Smiles Dental”