Dr Heathcote Wright and Dr Nima Pakrou approached Medifit in 2015, looking for a company to help them create a purpose built centre for excellence in eye surgery in Bellfield, a burgeoning suburb just 9km from the Melbourne CBD . The area is a growing and changing demographic and the doctors had identified a need for ophthalmological and eye surgery requirements in the area.

Upon securing a site with great exposure leading in to the city, the architectural design process began in earnest. Designed from the group up, the resulting two storey building provides a distinct visual statement and gives the doctors the operating space they need to grow and prosper. The building contains a dual reception for the two co-joined practices within, comfortable waiting space for dozens of patients spread around at strategic points to allow for efficient flow.


With many procedures of a very specific and technical nature provided, the building required a range of a testing, consulting and treatment rooms. The flow of a practice such as this is paramount, the testing occurs in a pattern, so clients generally move clockwise around the practice corridor and out to sort finances and exit.


The interior balances modern design in a safe and professional facility. Light tones balance with a variety of textures, including a signature "green wall" bringing natural beauty and light and creating a comforting space. The green wall also provides acoustic and air quality benefits.

Completed in February 2017, Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgery joins the folio of Medifit's architectural success stories. We are very proud of the result, and thankful to Heath and Nima for the opportunity.