Drs Phalika and Polly Hing have worked as dentists in and around South Australia for years. Phalika had operated her own successful practice in the city and Polly was looking to take the next step in her dental career.

When the chance came to establish a dental practice together, the sisters jumped at the opportunity. Having selected a site in Burnside, they approached Medifit to help with the design and construction of their dream practice in early 2011.

The initial site they chose had particular traffic related issues and restrictions imposed by Council unfortunately made it unviable as a dental practice. Not to be deterred, the sisters found a second site a short distance away and Medifit began the design process in earnest.

Medifit's Sam Koranis says "When Phalika and Polly approached Medifit way back in 2011, it was clear that they had a vision for their new practice. We were excited by the prospect of realising that vision and giving the ladies the environment they needed to prosper and thrive. Phalika and Polly Hing are extremely hard working Dentists with a strong customer service ethic. Their dream was to provide a state of the art environment for their staff and themselves. Further to this, they wanted their patients to feel assured that they would receive quality treatment and care from the moment they entered the practice."

The new site was situated on the same road in the adjoining suburb of Parkside. The existing building presented with an interesting tudor inspired frontage and Polly and Phalika could immediately see the potential for great exposure and local recognition. An area in front of the main entrance was easily repurposed as parking spaces eliminating any Council concerns and the corner location offered further options for easy access to a rear carpark.


Sam Koranis adds “The project had its fair share of difficulties with regards to the original building’s structural integrity and we had to undertake a considerable amount of work to prepare the building ready for the fitout to take place. This was an integral part of the design and construction process”


With a floor area of 261m2 to work with, the interior design brief called for a clean, bright practice with a modern, contemporary feel. Warm timber tones and skylights should utilise natural light and give the practice an inviting ambience. The desire was for their new practice to be functional and professional but not too clinical or cold. They wanted a Nordic / Scandinavian feel. Accent colours should be bright and vibrant, reflecting the energy and passion of the Hing sisters. Medifit's design team responded with a deft touch based on the successful design and construction of hundreds of bespoke Dental practices around Australia.

The final design included a generous waiting and reception area, three surgeries, a specialist consult room, store, walk through steri and lab, practice managers and doctors offices, staff room and a patient recovery room. Careful consideration was given to patient flow and ergonomics, with busy functional areas occupying one side of the building and patient recovery and offices on the quieter side.

Rooms are linked by a U shaped hallway branching from reception and meeting in the rear of the practice as a walk through steri and lab. Tones and textures throughout are light and bright without appearing artificial and sterile. A beautiful living wall behind the reception counter brings the outdoors in and provides a fresh, vibrant splash of green. Clean lines and geometric shapes are contrasted with sweeping arcs in the brand logo and door treatments to create a feeling of elegant sophistication. The use of glazed frameless sections in the surgeries gives an open, spacious feel further adding to the contemporary design.

The overall effect is a beautiful new practice in a building given a new lease of life. Optimal Dental Care is a stunning example of an expertly conceived dental practice, precise yet friendly, respectful of its place and the perfect foundation for a distinguished dental career for owners Phalika and Polly Hing.


Sam Koranis again “It was a pleasure working with Phalika and Polly. They were very appreciative of the creativity during the design process and the efficiency with which we completed the project. We wish them well in their new practice.”