Our client had operated a successful paediatric dental practice on the Gold Coast and was achieving significant growth. This in turn bought with it the problem of the existing space feeling constrictive henceforth not allowing the Practice to grow to the next level.

A decision had to be made to either continue to operate in the original premises and effectively limit the patient base or make the move to establish a larger practice with room to grow. He chose the latter and started scouting for suitable properties in and around the local area.

It was important to retain as much of the patient base he had built up and by keeping the practice as close as possible to the existing premises gave him the best chance of patient retention. When two adjacent properties came up for sale just 1.5km away, he purchased both sites and started to explore options for building a state of the art practice from the ground up. Medifit were appointed as the best solution provider that was able to realise his vision for the new practice efficiently and manage the entire process including architectural design, interior design, construction and fitout.

From the initial meetings, our client was confident that Medifit had the experience and capacity to deliver his new practice. Although their head office was in Perth, Medifit were able to demonstrate the successful development of more than 20 ground up dental practices around Australia. Initial reservations about time zone differences actually turned into an advantage, with the full Medifit office available after his practice had closed for the day made communications easier.

One of the first milestones for any project of this type is obtaining development approval from local council. The approval process was complicated as the project called for combining two lots into one in addition to the typical change of use application. Medifit were able to compile all the relevant information and put it before council for approval following a communication strategy developed over 14 years in the space.

The comprehensive DA submission was key to a streamlined approval and the company was breaking grounds on the new practice site by early 2013.

Our client had a clear objective for his new practice. He wanted the building to be unique and have a distinct visual signature from the street. He didn't want the typical Gold Coast commercial building with floor to ceiling glass and an imposing, almost sterile profile, instead he was after a building that would present as warm and inviting for families. The final design of the building features striking contrasting forms and a variety of textures from stacked stone walls to soaring glazed sections with bold relief in the framing. The overall effect is stunning, perfectly capturing his intent and presenting as a professional yet friendly and welcoming space.

A key driver for the building design was having enough space for his own practice plus additional income generating space in the building for potential leasing to other specialists. Careful space planning and analysis of the current and future needs of the paediatric practice, including allowances for car parking spaces in alignment with Council requirements gave Medifit's architectural team a framework to design a solution that would serve his needs now and into the future. With the design approved, siteworks and construction commenced.

Medifit were able to draw upon their significant experience in ground up dental and health care construction to optimise the project and execute the building, carpark works and interior fitout in only 8 months with no compromise on quality.

The brief for the interior design of the practice was similar in essence to the outside. Family friendly, warm and inviting. A space that would put child patients at ease with an atmosphere of fun and playfulness to help overcome any dental anxiety. The practice is located on the first floor of the building. A base palette of contrasting creamy whites, dark charcoals and light greys provide a perfect backdrop for splashes of colour and interest, achieved via bright artwork and wall decorations throughout.

Timber floors, cabinetry and feature displays bring a natural feel to the practice while key lighting fixtures and pendants are grouped throughout the space adding visual interest and colour. An assortment of carefully chosen loose furniture pieces adorn the waiting and reception area. Light blue cushions and ottomans in the waiting area reflect the colours of the sky and impart feelings of a dreamy, cloudlike ambience punctuated by the vivid, animal themed artwork and toys.

A glazed children’s nook in the waiting and reception area provides a safe space where visiting patients and their siblings can be kept occupied while waiting. In addition to the waiting and reception area, the practice consists of 5 chairs, 2 private consulting suites, a centrally located steri, offices for both the paediatric dentist and practice manager, a generous staffroom, patient refresh and store. 

The plant room has been located on the ground floor, minimising noise and ensuring the first floor space is used to its potential.

Medifit's Sam Koranis adds " it was great to have a client who knew what he wanted each step of the way and never compromised on the quality of the project.

The project was completed in a timely basis, on budget & to a high quality. This has been and will always be Medifit’s mantra. As Australia’s longest serving company with over 14 years’ experience in the Dental & Healthcare space offering the full cache of services we are proud of our achievements.

The practice has now been trading for over 2 years and is operating beautifully. The additional space in the building was leased shortly after completion and has remained fully occupied since, due in part to the exceptional level of detail and finished evident in the build.