Dr Hanno Venter, a dual qualified dentist originally from South Africa, moved to Australia a little more than four years ago. After an initial stint with Queensland Health, he qualified for private practice in Australia and started working as a private dentist in the Bundaberg region, building a reputation for his gentle, caring style.


2012 marked Hanno's 9th year practising Dentistry and he decided it was time to take the plunge and bring to fruition his ideas for his dream practice. Hanno has always had a very positive and unique approach to life and challenging the status quo is a fundamental part of his personality.

“I’ve had a very specific dream for how I want to operate and what I want my practice to personify. Because of these ideas I’ve always had, I was very nervous about finding the right guys to translate these ideas onto paper and share my creativity. After probing the market of medical and dental practice development, I came across Medifit and was impressed by their creativity and individual approach to designing unique dental practices. “

“From my first point of contact with them, I was blown away by their amazing, prompt and effective customer service and interest in my vision. Sam Koranis introduced himself to me and getting his input made me feel comfortable and his knowledge of the industry won my trust at a very early stage. Sam helped me scouting for premises to ensure that I have the perfect building with characteristics that I didn’t even know that I should be looking for in a potential site. He handled all the negotiations on my behalf and seeing how professional and knowledgeable he was on the legal side of setting up a practice took so much stress off my shoulders. Amazingly, all of this was undertaken without having even met Sam personally.”Naming a brand new practice can be a challenging exercise when the name has to convey the personality of the practitioner. Several names were initially offered and worked up into brand concepts and it was during this process that Hanno revealed his natural affinity to the moose. Moose are known for their strength, their independent spirit and their resolute non conformity, character traits that Hanno shared and admired. With such a strong branding opportunity that was so personal to Hanno, the idea of a fully themed business was soon realised and “Orange Moose Dental” was born.

Hanno’s brief for his first practice was to create a welcoming environment in warm autumn tones with an earthy feel, reminiscent of his favourite season. He was open to pushing the creative boundaries and Orange Moose Dental became a contemporary take on the moose, and its natural environment.

“Sam introduced me to his team of magicians and I couldn’t believe how creative and knowledgeable they all were. You sometimes meet people that know what they’re talking about but for the love of their life can’t materialise anything, but seeing how he and his team operated has been an amazing journey. “

The new practice covers 163sqm consisting of 4 surgeries, reception with private pay area, staff area and practice managers office, steri, lab with CADCAM milling machine, opg, store and plant room.

The design features wood grain panels contrasting with light modern walls, bringing an earthiness to the interior without losing the contemporary feel. Printed aluminium wall panels replicate the forest texture in the main hallway and across the ceilings, paying homage the moose’s natural environment. The panels feature cutouts of a moose silhouette and are mounted over bright orange stripes bringing the orange moose concept indoors. A large wall graphic in the waiting room echoes the design developed for the practices marketing material including stationery, advertisements and website.

“Medifit’s graphic designer, Nathan and senior interior designer, Brenda, both gave me amazing service and I literally can’t stop telling people I meet how great they are and have been on this project and dream of mine. They continuously push the boundaries without losing sight of reality, what works and what doesn’t. Throughout the process I’ve always felt like they’ve had my best interest at heart and kept me in the loop of how the project is progressing.

The moose features again in surgery one, with a life size moose silhouette made from wood veneer mounted on the wall adjacent to the chair. The moose in the surgery provides a great talking point and subsequent memory hook for patients.

The overall effect is a uniquely branded, contemporary dental practice with a personality of its own. The reception from his patients and the local community has been overwhelmingly positive as Orange Moose Dental seeks to establish itself as the practice of choice in the area.

“Medifit takes pride in what they do and also how they do it. I am very excited about what they have achieved and it’s great to see that they’ve always been excited with me during the whole process. I recommend Medifit to everyone who is considering building a practice, starting a practice or extending what they already have.”

Sam Koranis, Medifit’s Managing Director adds:

“Dr Venter is Medifit’s dream client. Someone who is prepared to push the boundaries and live by his convictions. From a design perspective, we enjoyed listening to his vision and wish to thank him for allowing us the creative freedom to deliver such a project.”

“On a personal level, it is very rewarding when a client entrusts Medifit with the whole process. It is a great privilege and it inspires the team to deliver fantastic results. In Hanno’s case, this also included negotiating reduced rentals, landlord contributions and nine month rent free terms. “

“On behalf of all the Medifit crew, we wish to thank Hanno for his trust and wish him great success in his new practice.”