In 2003 Dr Jayson McNaughton was a new graduate employed at a busy practice in the suburb of Narre Warren, 42 km south east from Melbourne's central business district. Recognising the potential for a highly successful dental business, in 2006 he purchased the practice and established Webb Street Dental. In a few short years, Webb Street Dental had grown to employ 12 dentists and 15 nursing staff and was servicing a patient base of 35,000+.

It was clear to Jayson that the business had outgrown the current premises and he approached Medifit in August 2008 seeking help with the design and construction of a new practice.

During initial consultations with Medifit, several key requirements were discussed. Jayson had been impressed by the quality of finishes and intelligent utilisation of natural light at Lucas Dental and Gawler Dental in South Australia (other Medifit ground up projects) and wanted to achieve a similar standard in his new practice. The new practice must also eventually accommodate 10 chairs operating at once with maximum efficiency, provide adequate storage and operational areas and present a contemporary, professional image to patients.

“I gave Sam a basic outline as to what I wanted based upon looking at examples of previous practices he had built, and he did the rest. The garden features, feeling of space and impressive modern design. I wanted the final result to be a modern practice with aesthetic appeal that would make for an iconic building in the City of Casey.”

Jayson had purchased a one acre site not far from the original practice. Situated on a major arterial road with great exposure to passing traffic, the greenfield site presented the Medifit architectural design team with the opportunity to design and construct a building that would provide a state of the art dental facility for Jayson and his staff and catch the eyes of passing motorists.

“Medifit took control of dealing with all aspects of the construction, from permits and approvals right through to completion and handover. I know I have a quality product that is not only a great investment for the business but also for the capital growth of the real estate.”

From the moment you arrive at Casey Dental in Narre Warren, you know that you are in a special place. This is definitely not your run of the mill dental practice.

The building is single storey, yet presents as a larger built form through raking walls in a contemporary design. From the street, the building seems to rise up out of the ground, the sweeping angles reminiscent of a mighty ark. The sides of the building are clad in graduated tones of grey to accentuate the dramatic elevation while bold panels of yellow, purple and white provide a vibrant contrast and articulate the architectural forms. The effect is stunning, giving the practice a unique visual signature.

“Casey Dental represents another landmark project for Medifit. The building is both visually striking and functionally state of the art. The environment we have created at Casey Dental provides Jayson with the facility to operate a contemporary practice today and to grow in the future. We are very proud of the final result.” says Medifit's Managing Director Sam Koranis.

Moving inside, the design philosophy was to create a classic, modern interior with contemporary elements strategically integrated for added wow factor. The general feeling from the time you enter the building is of space and vibrancy with the continuity of design and colour intended to bring the outside in. Bold colours have been located in small bursts throughout to ensure the practice maintains its contemporary nature with a neutral base palette.

The softly toned waiting area juxtaposes gently curved walls with hard accents while an irregular angled window provides both natural light and visual interest. A variety of seating options are provided to create a more eclectic and comfortable environment. The reception counter inlays continue the curved motif toward the main corridoor and a stunning curved etched glass window offers a view to and from the main meeting area.

The purpose built practice incorporates 8 complete surgeries with 2 rooms designated as future surgeries. Each surgery varies slightly in colour with the upholstery of each dental chair being the dominant ‘bright’ colour.

The surgeries are oriented to maximise the natural light, providing an impressive outlook and spacious feel with a view into an enclosed landscaped courtyard providing interest and visual relief for patients and staff. The overall design and high quality building finish promote confidence in the dental practice as a progressive and aware professional service provider.

Intelligent space planning has resulted in an adaptable area that can be used as a training facility or large meeting area when required, or can be easily transformed to a smaller private meeting or boardroom facility using a glass bi-fold door. Loose furniture has been designed in order to provide the same sort of flexibility.

With a large number of dentists and specialists plus their nursing staff operating at any time, practice efficiency is paramount. A large, centrally located sterilisation facility and OPG ensures easy accessibility and maximum efficiency in day to day operation. A separate laboratory inclusive of lockable storage provides a secure area for all laboratory work. Effective storage has been provided with a small central storage facility for easy access complemented with a large room to the rear of the building to accommodate future storage demands.

The interior also features an office area for Jayson and a practice managers office located close to reception where two practice managers can comfortably work.

The patient experience is enhanced with a refresh station located in the main corridoor which gives patients the option to rinse and relax at the completion of their treatment.

The design is a mix of ultra-modern with classic styles and plays on the natural light illuminating through this amazing building. The overall feel is a bright, modern and innovative environment comfortable to a varied age group, portraying the image of a business at the forefront of the field.

Dr McNaughton is very happy with the end result.

“The new practice has been a great success with great feedback from patients and an continually expanding patient base . 
Sam and all the Medifit team were very easy to deal with and attentive to all the important details, of which I would have no idea of. Medifit met all the wishes I had for the new premises, and should I be game to build another one in the future I would use Medifit without question.”