Dr Vincenzo Figliomeni and his wife first met in 2004 during their studies at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Unbeknownst to them at the time, they would begin dating each other almost a decade later. Fast forward a few more short years, and they would be happily married, opening their own private dental practice in Perth, the aptly name Amore Dental.

After graduating, Vincenzo moved to Bunbury to practice general dentistry. Here he gained valuable regional experience in an environment where a wide skill set and an ability to deliver services efficiently is a prerequisite. While Vincenzo worked in Bunbury, Angela was gaining extensive experience working for a large CBD-based dental practice. During her time there her focus was on continuing her education and professional development. Working in a large private practice allowed Angela to considerably further her training and experience in complex dental procedures, including surgical extractions and surgical implant placement.

In 2017, Vincenzo and Angela contracted Medifit to help them design and construct Amore Dental and realise the dream of working together. Their varied personal and professional experience, a partnership approach and a strong belief in continued learning and patient care combine to provide first class dental care and a strong foundation for a happy and productive professional life.

Medifit’s Sam Koranis states, “Vincenzo & Angela had a clear vision in their mind from a functionality, ergonomic & design perspective. They effectively communicated this to the Medifit design team which insured that the final outcome met with their expectations”


In Vincenzo words, “We always had a clear picture of what we wanted and Medifit was able to make this a reality, but with their design process, features and modifications which we didn't have the knowledge of were incorporated to make it even better.”


This project was a first practice for the client. This pair of young dentists desired a calming environment for their patients that reflected their love of the coast, particularly their favourite stretch of Australian coastline, the sublime beach at Lucky Bay in Esperance, WA. The colour scheme and material selection referenced this coastal inspiration.

Vincenzo and Angela secured a tenancy in Hammond Park, a fast growing suburb in Perth’s southern corridor. With a total floor area of 110m2, the practice consists of 3 treatment rooms, steri, opg, a staff room and a waiting/reception area. Efficient space planning is paramount to the effective functioning of any dental practice but it is more acutely felt in a compact space.

The layout features a steri and opg which are easily accessible from any of the three treatment rooms via a central corridor. The reception desk design comprises of soft edges and smooth Corian curves to reflect the natural environment whilst the flooring design emulates the junction of sea and sand as they merge on a sandy beachline. A feature bulkhead mirrors the flooring detail with a fluid curve running along the ceiling to help delineate these spaces. Treatments rooms are sleek, modern and white, projecting a sense of professionalism and cleanliness and helping to instill a subconscious confidence in patients. Internal glazing is a design feature employed to open the compact spaces and provide pockets of interior light. Graphic detailing on this glazing subtly echoes the coastal theme without being overbearing.

The result is a dental practice in complete alignment with the Vincenzo and Angela’s vision.

So, were the two young dentists happy with the experience? Vincenzo says


“Medifit is amazingly organized and transparent, and so much so we were up and running earlier than expected. Quality is also very apparent as the small details have not been missed. The help in negotiating a lease was also invaluable and testament to Sam's knowledge in the industry. I suppose the best summary of our experience would be to ask ourselves would we go back with Medifit for any expansion plans or new surgeries in the future and the answer is a categorical yes, and we hope those reading this article really consider Medifit for their plans as they will not be disappointed.”


Medifit’s Sam Koranis adds “From the moment I met Vince and Angela, I knew that Medifit were the right company for them. Like the two young dentists, we are passionate about what we do. I am certain that the practice we designed and built for them will assist them on the path to a life of happiness and success and we wish them well”