Dr. Lloyd Saville, a dedicated dentist with a passion for dentistry ignited in childhood, has devoted over 30 years to a profession he loves.

His inspiration came from an unexpected source—his father's second job cleaning dental surgeries. As a young boy, Lloyd would accompany his father and became fascinated by the dental tools and operatories. This early exposure set him on a path to a fulfilling career in dentistry. He pursued his studies at the University of Melbourne, graduating in 1992, and has since built a reputation as a trusted and skilled dentist in Armadale, Victoria.

Lloyd owns and operates 818 Dental, a boutique, customer-focused dental practice in Melbourne, where both patients and the dental team expect nothing short of excellence. His journey to creating the perfect dental practice has been one of learning and evolution. Lloyd’s first practice, established in 2003, was marred by the challenges of working with a builder unfamiliar with the intricacies of dental construction. However, lessons learned from this experience laid the foundation for future success.

By 2010, the practice had grown, necessitating an expansion. With the purchase of the mirror image property adjacent to 818 High Street, Dr. Saville aimed to expand the practice with minimal impact on the street front's appearance. The challenge was to merge the two buildings seamlessly while maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

This time, Lloyd chose Medifit, a specialist in healthcare interior design and fit-out. The result was a seamless project delivered on time, with minimal disruption to the practice's operations.

Medifit's ability to integrate the new building with the existing one over a long weekend exemplified their expertise and efficiency.

Medifit’s innovative solution involved retaining each title independently through the creation of an unimposing glass atrium structure that merged the two buildings. This approach preserved the heritage overlay and maximized the value of the properties in this affluent area. The council approved this resolution, which maintained the heritage look with minimal impact. You can see this project here.

The latest expansion, complicated by COVID-19 restrictions, presented the greatest challenge yet. The practice had again outgrown its space, prompting the purchase of a third building to accommodate three additional surgeries and a photographic studio. Once again, Medifit rose to the occasion, delivering a state-of-the-art facility that met all of Lloyd and Anne’s objectives.

The primary objective for the new project was to expand the practice in a seamless and cohesive way to elevate the level of service for cosmetic patients and streamline workflows. The expanded space and modern design have not only met but exceeded these goals.

The new facilities have enhanced the patient experience and improved operational efficiency.

The result is a spacious, modern practice that delights both patients and staff. The stylish interiors and advanced operatories are a testament to Medifit's design and construction prowess. The addition of a photographic studio further enhances the practice's capabilities, allowing for comprehensive cosmetic consultations and treatments.

Reflecting on his experience with Medifit, Lloyd highlights their excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Unlike previous builders who presented problems without solutions, Medifit approached challenges proactively, working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes. Their commitment to high standards and understanding of the complexities of modern dental practice have made them an invaluable partner.

Lloyd’s journey from a young boy intrigued by dental surgeries to a seasoned professional running a cutting-edge dental practice is a story of passion, perseverance, and partnership.

His collaboration with Medifit has been instrumental in realising his vision for a practice that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of patients and staff alike. The transformation of 818 Dental in Armadale, Victoria, stands as a testament to what can be achieved when expertise and dedication come together.