Since 2002, Medifit have been providing design and construction services to dentists, doctors, medical specialists, surgeons and healthcare providers around Australia.

In that time we have built a reputation for professionalism and service excellence. By working with our clients with their business goals in mind, we have been able to successfully deliver hundreds of health care design, construction, renovation and fitout projects across the country.

Medifit are the specialists for the specialists. We’ve earned national renown for the exceptional quality of our services, which range from simple makeovers to the complete architectural design of large-scale practices.

Medifit's mission statement is simple.

Our aim is to deliver a superior, energetic practice, with an emphasis on individuality along with excellent quality and friendly service on time and on budget.

Every time we embark on a project, we endeavour to provide every client with an individualised design solution that’s aesthetically pleasing and best facilitates both their current and future needs.

So when you choose us for a project, you won’t merely receive a design solution that “does the job” – you’ll receive an inspired design solution that will effectively make your job easier, as well as the jobs of your staff. We will take the time to learn about the activities of your practice and then use our expertise and knowledge of your industry to customise a design solution that will assist in the day-to-day running of your practice.

As a result, your practice will benefit from increased efficiency, morale and profitability.

Our design solutions will also enhance your patients’ experiences with your business. All our designs are infused with a hospitable warmth that will bring your patients a feeling of comfort and safety from the very moment they enter your premises. The sophisticated and innovative nature of our fit-outs will also further reinforce the professionalism of your establishment.