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Class One Orthodontics

PROJECT TYPE: Dental - Residential Conversion   LOCATION: Multiple Locations, WA
SIZE OF PRACTICE: 210m2    COMPLETED: November 2010
SERVICES PROVIDED: Site Assessment   Architectural Design   Building Contract Administration   Space Planning   Interior Design   Interior Fitout   

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The mission statement of Class 1 Orthodontics declares that they will exceed their patient's expectations through personal attention in a fun and caring environment.

Set up by specialist orthodontist Chris Orloff several years ago in a commercial unit in the Western Australian satellite city of Rockingham, 40km south of Perth, the practice thrived from its inception. The beach side city has a mixed population base who work in nearby industrial areas, at the naval base or commute to Perth and families abound.

“The original practice included 7 chairs in 324 square metres,” Dr Orloff explained. “We had the luxury of plenty of space and intentionally used colours and design elements that appear non-clinical."

“As patient flow increased and the number of staff grew however, a number of obvious shortcomings became apparent. We were seriously short of consulting space, office space and the lab was too small for 2 technicians. The Rockingham office is the administrative centre of a rapidly developing multi-doctor, multi-office business that aims to continue to be focused on delivering high quality, efficient orthodontic care."

“Luckily, a further 220 square metres of space became available when the lease on the adjacent unit was vacated. This gave us the opportunity to satisfy the needs of a growing staff and to achieve the ideals of our mission statement, not only to exceed the expectations of our patients but also exceed my expectations of what I would achieve in my practising career by bringing the ‘wow’ factor front and foremost."“My choice in using Medifit was built over a 5-year period of speaking to their Managing Director, Sam Koranis, at various trade shows and by following their work over this period of time.

The quality and professionalism that Medifit portrayed was second to none and their references were exemplary. What really captured our eye was that their projects were all tailored to the individual needs of each practitioner and their specific brief. We definitely wanted something unique and not just a rehash of another practitioner’s project. And I must say, we definitely received what we asked for!”

Medifit’s designer initially guided Dr Orloff through a battery of questions designed to extract the essence of his vision for a modern, free-flowing office with fresh shapes and colour.

“I wanted something with citrus and light, but which had to juxtapose and meld with the existing space,” he explained. “I also wanted to add 3 further consulting rooms, a significant lab and for the wow factor, a funky central cafe off the reception area.”

With many young patients often accompanied by parents frequenting the practice for typically short appointments, the café concept for the waiting area was a key element of the brief to enhance the enjoyment of customers and their families when they visit. In addition to the café, there was also a need to create office and administration areas along with consult rooms and a new and expanded lab and steri area.

The main challenge of the expansion was to integrate the new tenancy with the existing and create a natural flow between the areas. This was achieved by creating a sizeable opening between the two tenancies and by introducing a ceiling feature that brought the two together. New paint finishes were introduced to the existing portion of the tenancy to co-ordinate with the new area which was further aided by new furniture and graphical elements that appear in both.

In order for the café to be successful, it was important to be both practical and visually appealing so given the spatial limitations, shape and colour had to be carefully considered. The result was a circular counter that featured a vibrant green circular corian counter top, a cake display fridge and bench space for customers to sit at, as well as bench space for making coffee and a sales point. A bulkhead in a vibrant green similar to the bench top positioned directly over the counter and leading out towards the entry creates a powerful visual aid that helps to entice clients from the existing familiar waiting area into the new and vibrant surroundings. Flooring patterns were also used to draw focus to the café counter and carpet is introduced in seating areas to create more of a lounge feel whilst acting as an acoustic treatment.

Located directly off the café are a series of consult rooms, with the first rooms having glazed partitioning with vibrant applied graphics to the face to create privacy and visual impact both inside and outside the consult rooms.

In addition to the consult rooms, a number of offices are spread throughout the practice to provide privacy and dedicated working spaces for the staff.

The overall feeling of the fitout is one of comfort and enjoyment. Unlike most dental or medical practices, the waiting experience is transformed into a time to sit back, relax and enjoy whereby clients are encouraged to take time out and enjoy the surroundings. Staff areas are vibrant and spacious which is a reflection of the importance that Chris has placed on creating an environment that is enjoyable for both his staff and clients.

“Medifit’s design process is thorough and involved the entire staff,” Dr Orloff said. “The approval process was trouble-free and the trades rolled through in waves exactly as the building schedule planned. The project was on time and on budget and involved minimal inconvenience without a single day of production lost."

A temporary wall was placed between the two units and while noise and dust were present, it was not an issue. The existing rooms were painted and the floor coverings replaced, with potentially disruptive elements conducted in the early morning or weekend.

“We now have a unique facility designed for two Orthodontists and a sizeable staff to work seamlessly to deliver exceptional orthodontic care in a setting that continues to astound people. We have the space to continue to grow into the future and the energy that comes from a freshly invigorated staff."

“Our decision to use Medifit paid dividends as we ended up with exactly what our brief stated. A fun, modern practice that was teenage friendly with individuality that is unique to our ethos. Thanks to all the Medifit crew for their hard work and high levels of quality. We look forward to working in this new environment well into the future."

“We highly recommend Medifit to anyone who wants a project that is individually designed to your needs. We were that impressed that we utilised their services on our second practice in Canning Vale."