Orthodontics on Berrigan is the practice of specialist orthodontist Dr Sivabalan Vasudavan, located in the Perth suburb of Jandakot.

Dr Vasudavan, a graduate of the University of Western Australia’s School of Dentistry, completed his specialist Orthodontic training at the University of Sydney. He was then selected as the inaugural Fellow in the Craniofacial and Cleft Lip/Palate Orthodontics program at the Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard University, where he completed his clinical Fellowship training over 2 years and concurrently completed a Master of Public Health degree from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Rather than accept a position at Harvard University and the Children’s Hospital Boston, Dr Vasudavan instead decided to return to his home in Western Australia to establish his own orthodontic practice.

“I’ve been fortunate to pursue educational opportunities in some leading institutions of excellence in orthodontic care and these experiences have shaped my perceptions and vision for my own practice,” he said.

“After finding an ideal location in Jandakot, I went in search of the right team to deliver upon my vision. We undertook our initial due diligence on a number of design and fitout consultants and selected Medifit to design and construct the practice

Medifit could offer us an integrated fitout design and construction service which was an important factor as we embarked upon the establishment of our very first practice. I found Sam Koranis, their Managing Director, to be very personable and he was committed to tailoring a solution which suited my requirements.

“We also wanted the practice philosophy to flow through the entire patient experience, from start to finish - from a patient's initial visit to our website to their regular appointments at the practice.

The main functional request for the fitout design was that it should be open and free flowing to accommodate peak practice flows. The main treatment area needed to house four chairs in addition to a semi-private treatment area housing an additional two chairs. Other requirements included a lab, sterilisation area, staff area, consult and records rooms and storage areas and sanitary facilities for both clients and staff.

The site chosen by Dr Vasudavan was located on the corner of a new strip of commercial buildings with full glass frontage to the main road. The large glazed window frontage was specifically integrated into the design to help achieve the open feel that Dr Vasudavan was seeking.

The reception and waiting areas were located along the length of the building to enhance patient flow through the practice and the feeling of space. The end of the waiting area leads into the consult room and office of Dr Vasudavan, which is framed entirely by glass windows. A combination of graphics and blinds provides privacy and enables this area to serve the dual role of office and consult room.

The building’s high ceilings were also ideal in creating “openness” and facilitated a play on ceiling levels by introducing a bulkhead over reception. Along with the abundance of natural light in this area, it also enabled the use of darker colours which in normal circumstances would make a room appear smaller.

In the treatment areas, where natural light is not available but high ceiling levels are, vibrant depictions of the logo on the walls are used to accentuate the high ceilings, provide visual interest and draw together the practice brand.

The treatment area itself or “the hub” of the practice is a large open space. Each chair has its own treatment pod which is specifically tailored to Dr Vasudavan’s requirements and two separate benches serve as the main storage and working areas. A private treatment area partially obscured from the main area by a curved half height wall provides privacy for adult patients or those requiring impressions.

Transitions in flooring finishes within the waiting area help to delineate areas and also provide visual interest. This theme is again repeated in the treatment areas by using contrast colours in a vinyl flooring material.

The overall look and feel of Orthodontics on Berrigan is contemporary and welcoming. Upon entering the practice, the waiting and reception area lends itself to a modern feel; the use of orange gives it warmth and an element of vibrancy. This continues into the treatment areas where graphical elements of the brand and lighter finishes brighten the space. Curves and angled walls create a natural pathway for patients to follow and help to generate the free flowing openness that creates a comfortable environment for both clients and staff.

“Our new, state-of-the-art facility has been architecturally designed to serve the needs of our patients in a sophisticated and modern environment,” Dr Vasudavan said. “We’re proud to offer the most advanced diagnostic imaging modalities including 3D stereophotogrammetry, digital study models and digital radiology. Our patients really like our 3D camera that produces a digital contoured map of their face, much like having their own Avatar. We used this technology in Boston to evaluate our clinical outcomes and carefully plan treatment strategies for our complex patients with the camera picking up the tiniest facial differences so we are able to recommend the most appropriate treatment approach which will yield the optimum facial and orthodontic outcome. “

“The final result that Medifit has been able to achieve is very impressive, and I have received compliments to this end from patients, staff and colleagues alike.”