Gaining a clear understanding of your personal tastes and style is crucial to a successful outcome. Your practice should be a reflection of your personality and your vision for care but this can be difficult to communicate in words.

Our specialist dental and medical practice interior designers take a holistic approach, taking the time to understand your particular needs and desires before starting to design your practice. We will compile your thoughts and wishes and those of your key staff and stakeholders into a comprehensive design brief that fully captures the intent of your new practice. These initial discussions give you an opportunity to tell the designer how you work, the particular equipment you require, your patient demographic and any specific themes or feeling you’d like to convey in your new practice.

Most importantly, our designers will come to know and understand your personality and values and be able to communicate these in the design concept. The design brief is the cornerstone of the new development, informing all design decisions for the project. Getting it right is a crucial first step towards a great practice.